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A new hope to improve female & male fertility using Acupuncture

If you have been trying to conceive and it is not happening as you expected, you may feel frustrated and looking for helps. Until now, there is not much option given by Western medicine to improve fertility effectively whereas there are plenty of alternative therapies available in the market. I believe one of the most discussed alternative therapies to improve fertility from your research could be Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. If you are considering to have acupuncture treatment and not sure where, when and how to start, please continue to read, this could be useful for you.

How long should I wait before seeking for help?

1. As soon as you have decided to have baby or after 3 months you have tried to conceive without any luck. Acupuncture is a natural noninvasive therapy; it is a wellbeing treatment you can start any time you like, the sooner the better. I have clients came to have treatment before they try to conceive as soon as they came out of contraceptive to ensure the reproductive system is in the tiptop condition for healthy pregnancy, this usually provides good results.

2. After you have been thru the investigation & diagnosed as infertile but still wish to conceive naturally. Most of the clients seek for acupuncture treatment after they have consulted the Gynecologist after they were diagnosed as infertile due to different conditions such as PCOS, low ovarian reserve (low AMH) or endometriosis for female whereas low sperm count or motility for male. Usually, they will be recommended for IVF which is a very costly procedure with relatively low success rate. It is also very exhausting and emotional experience for the mother to go thru. It always a good idea to try acupuncture first before IVF because it is natural, cost effective, high success rate where the whole process is very relaxing and feeling good.

3. After you have decided to go for IVF. A lot women thought having two treatments on the day of embryo transfer are sufficient to increase the chance of pregnancy. It probably work but I still strongly advise to have it as early as possible, you should start the treatment 3 months ahead the IVF for the best results because it takes time for your body to response from the treatment to regulate the hormone productions which are essential for producing the good quality egg, followed by ovulation, then forming of appropriate thickness of uterus lining before the embryo transfer. After that, the acupuncture treatment is more focus on to introduce good blood flow to the lining ensure the growth of embryo, of course it is extremely important to calm your mind all the way till the pregnancy sustains more then 12 weeks, at the same time, acupuncture is very helpful for the morning sickness as well so that you can continue to eat well and rest well to stabilise the pregnancy towards second trimester.

How does Acupuncture improve fertility?

1. Regulate the hormones level that responsible from ovulation to pregnancy phases.

2. Increases blood flow to ovaries improving egg quality & quantity means more healthy embryos formed which can survive & frozen.

3. Increase blood flow to the uterine lining to provide a good environment for embryo growth.

4. To relax your mind & side effects from hormone injections i.e. bloating & nausea.

What can I do for you?

If you are interested and want to know more what I can do for you, please do not hesitate to book a session to discuss about your conditions and needs before acupuncture treatment, I will be happy to meet you and provide more information.

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