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Emotional Disorders

Acupuncture therapy has been proven  to be able to relax your mind and restore your body's energy naturally.  It can activate your body self-healing power and make your mind and body healthy again.

Emotional Disorders

Do you know your emotion can actually impair your normal body function activities?

TCM believes emotion can affect the organ function, that explains why when you don’t feel happy, your body feel unwell. The body able to do the self-adjustment  if the emotional behaviour just happened for a short term but if the same situation repeated for over a period of times, your body begin to feel tired and the performance begin to deteriorate, this is the time when all the symptoms poop up like sleepless, bloating, headache and etc. Without a proper treatment, usually the emotional problem will become more severe and some people start to have some chronic diseases such as chronic pain, IBS, fatigue and autoimmune diseases.

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How does Acupuncture treat emotional disorders?

Acupuncture is only part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has been used to treat not only diseases but emotional disorders in China for more 2000 years. TCM had identified the relationship between the emotion and organ’s function from the very beginning, for example depression relates to heart whereas anxiety relates to liver. Not only that, we will also collect more symptoms from the patients to further identify the organs involved and workout the treatment plan to help you to recover.


After some treatments and proper diets, you should expect to feel calmer and sleeping better, not long after that you will feel your symptoms begins to disappear one by one and the energy is much better than before. When your mind and body resume their normal stage, then it is a lot easier for you to deal with the stress or trigger factors that causing the problem initially.

Improper diet can affect your emotion including what you consider as healthy diet!

Based on the same principal, TCM also believe that organ dysfunction can cause emotion disorders. Same thing if the liver is not functioning well for certain period of time will lead to anger for excess condition or anxiety for deficiency condition depends on individual. Then, you will think what cause the liver organ dysfunction? Other than emotion which I have mentioned above, wrong diet can cause the same problem too.


TCM has a very clear idea of what is considered as healthy diet which could be very different from western world diet. There are too much information out there telling you what are healthy diets such as low fat, low sugar, no carbohydrate, using coconut fat or olive oil. All these diet habits are not necessarily suitable for every individual, you have to listen to your body. This has caused a lot of health and emotion problems among all my patients. I like to question my patient diet and they told me their version of healthy diet but they are not feeling well at all.


After listen to them, then I can point out what they should avoid and recommend a proper diet based on the patient’s body constitution identified thru TCM principles. With the help of acupuncture treatment and correct diet, patient feels much better after that.

​Conditions Treated:
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger/ Irritating

  • Bipolar

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