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10 Key Ways Acupuncture Supports Women’s Health

As a female, I think we have ways more to do compared to male to keep ourselves healthy, no matter physically or mentally simply because our bodies have to face more biological changes at different age begins from puberty, pregnancy for some women and menopause which could be another big moment.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it had been identified every 7 years is a cycle for a female, for example puberty starts at 14 years old, most fertile age happens at 28 years old, fertility starts to decline from 35 years old and menopause at 49 years old. All these had already been recorded clearly in the TCM Classic 2000 years ago about the body changes at every cycle from 7 years old to 84 years old women and the reasons behind it. Therefore, it makes it very clear what type of treatment or health maintenance program best suit for that age. This is why acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy have big success in treating women health now a day. As a woman, I told myself I am not worry of ageing but I want to age beautifully, healthily with confidence, no doubt TCM have played a very important role to help me to achieve all these.

TCM is not only about the natural and holistic approaches therapy but it is also about the knowledge of how to live healthily thru diet, sleep and emotion management. In other words, apart from treating you with acupuncture, we also have a lot more lifestyle advices to share with you. I have listed 10 common women health problems which can be treated effectively by acupuncture, hopefully to bring up some awareness for those who have been suffering from these conditions and willing to make some changes for better life quality.

Menstrual Disorders - includes dysmenorrhea (painful), amenorrhea (absence), irregular, heavy or non-stop bleeding.

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) – such as mood swing, distension pain on breasts, irregular bowel movement, sugar craving and tiredness

Menopause and Perimenopause – having symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweating, insomnia, dry & irritable skin, feeling irritable and sensitive.

Infertility – due hormonal issues, PCOS, endometriosis, stress, age or unclear reason from western medical perspective.

IVF - German researchers had done a study in 2002 to determine the effect of acupuncture on assisted reproduction therapy (ART) success rates. The result showed the group of women which were treated by acupuncture has doubled the success rate compared to those without any treatment.

Fatigue – the combination of Chinese herbal and acupuncture give excellent results to restore your energy.

Insomnia or Sleep Disturbances – we will find out the channels that causing the imbalance of energy flow in your and fix your sleep problems from there.

Depression and Anxiety – TCM has it very unique and effective way to treat emotion disorders; it treats both the symptoms and root. After the treatment, you will feel calm and things will become more manageable for you.

Headache or Migraine – again we treat both the symptoms and the root that causing the headache, effective and long lasting results.

Skin Rejuvenation – To reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin & saggy face. It is completely natural without any bad side effect, effective and long lasting.

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